These a a few storys of people who have used Libido 7.

From Rodney
I have always been insecure about the size of my penis. Often, I didn't want to take a shower after playing sports, if there were other guys present. Even just changing clothes in a common dressing room was embarrassing for me. Libido 7 has helped me to get rid of this torture. I started using the tablets right after I received them, and after 6 days I could feel the effect. I got harder erections more easily, and I also felt the pressure from within which causes the enlargement of the penis. After 6 months, I am very happy with the results. In full erection, my penis has become longer by at least 2 inches, and the girth is more than my wife can surround with her fingers.

From Webcam Boy
After only a couple of days, I could already tell that Libido 7 was effectively present in my body. My sperm production doubled! My partner noticed that my testicles felt bigger and heavier. I have never ejaculated this much sperm. These were the first signs which preceded a full inch increase in size.

From Elroy
In my line of business, it is very important that I present myself properly every day. Ladies judge me on my performances and looks. I can't show up at heavy paying customers with a small or floppy penis. If a client grabs my crotch, she wants to feel a big and hard sausage that doesn't shrink or that looks small. Even if I have 3 clients per day, the last one also wants to see that I can still make big cumshots. Luckily, Libido 7 exists, which really helps me to meet the demands of my customers in terms of size and ofcourse performance.

From Esther
What does she think of it. I just think a man should have a nice and big penis. If he walks into the bedroom, I want to see something between his legs that gives me shivers of pleasure. I advised my husband Scott to use Libido 7, and now I can proudly tell my friends what a great penis he has. Now, I have to watch out that my friends don't steal him away from me!

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